Xeriscape Denver


Did you know that using xeriscape techniques can reduce landscape water use by over 70%? Save money, save water and protect your landscape investment by introducing xeric elements into your landscape.

Done correctly, Xeriscaping can be both beautiful and naturally water efficient. If you’re considering xeriscape, the professionals at Blueline can help.

There are several steps to consider when introducing xeriscape:

  • PLAN

    Design your xeriscape to include an attractive mix of trees, shrubs and perennials
    for color and seasonal interest. Incorporate pathways, patios, decks, dry streambeds, play courts; the list of landscape elements that don’t need water (hardscapes) is limited only by your imagination.


    Large turf areas requiring high water use. Be practical about how much turf area you really need. Make way for more efficient uses.


    Choose plants and turf that require less water.


    Add organic soil amendments. This will benefit both clay and sandy soils.


    Adding mulch 3-4″ deep in planting beds will greatly lower supplemental water needs.


    Automatic multi-program sprinkler systems are much more water efficient than dragging hoses.


    Proper pruning, weeding, mulching and fertilizing will enhance and perpetuate any landscape.

Find out more about water conservation at www.denverwater.org.

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